Our Mission and Process

The WCBRB Worldwide Certified Business Review Board Inc. has a mission to identify and promote consumer-centric businesses across the World.

Initial Selection

As of 2023, our assessment process places priority on Google review ratings holding a 4+ star average; we will consider equivalent proof of strength in customer satisfaction practices should strong reviews on other reputable platforms be presented.

Retention of Annual Membership

All member businesses have the opportunity to respond to WCBRB consumer feedback (submitted through our Feedback Form) for proactive resolution and retention of membership privileges. Should a business with a strong review rating be the subject of multiple unresolved customer complaints , the business’ membership and listing will be terminated for the remainder of the year. Businesses that incur membership termination may apply for membership in the following year.


Members that have successfully retained their current term’s membership will undergo public rating review before being offered membership renewal.


If you know a business with a 4+ star Google review rating or equivalent, you may submit an application to nominate the business for WCBRB verification.