About Us

About the WCBRB 

The WCBRB  Worldwide Certified Business Review Board Inc. was developed by a group of private investors that wanted to pair innovative marketing with the moral directive of promoting businesses that were most likely to deliver a positive experience for consumers.  With the WCBRB’s iterative and agile development methodology to enhance membership criteria,  produce captivating commercials, and best target relevant consumer groups, the WCBRB verification badge has become a symbol of customer satisfaction across the world. 

In 2022, the WCBRB aims to provide a business directory with an international list of reviewed and verified businesses to facilitate travel and Business-to-Business transactions with only the best businesses. 


The WCBRB  Worldwide Certified Business Review Board Inc. is not government-associated and serves to review and promote businesses for profit, based on an analysis of public review data, nominations from individuals, and on-going consumer feedback.  

Communications Policy

The WCBRB sends registration offers to businesses by emails provided through nomination forms or public information listings.  If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from WCBRB email correspondence, please email your request to unsubscribe@wcbrb.com   

Due to the large number of emails and registration requests, some response receipts may be automated.  If a business is sent a membership registration form or acceptance letter in error, a notice to retract the membership offer will be sent upon final verification review.   

Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property Policy

The WCBRB  Worldwide Certified Business Review Board Inc. strictly abides by regional laws, including but not exclusive to PIPEDA, the Corporations Act, and Copyright laws to protect the privacy of individuals, promote information that is public, and attribute as necessary.  

Any use of the WCBRB  Worldwide Certified Business Review Board Inc. logo and/or implication of verification is prohibited except with the express written consent of an authorized WCBRB representative.

Fee Policy

Invoices for registration are offered to eligible businesses, only.  Businesses that do not meet or maintain WCBRB verification criteria will not have the option to register for directory listing or promotional services.  Fees submitted in response to registration offers sent in error will be refunded in full upon final verification review. Once any part of the service is delivered, refunds will not be available.